Monday, January 16, 2012

Our story....

Yes, you guessed it. This is Brady & Amanda in costume. These are definitely not our every day street clothes with gobs of make-up and microphones taped to the side of our faces. I posted this picture because it was the start of something wonderful. Brady & I started dating & got engaged during the show "Babes in Toyland". We both love the theater & who would've thought that we would meet our future spouse while doing what we loved most. Brady & I were engaged within 8 days. You heard it right: 8 days (although we didn't officially announce it for a few weeks later). How is that possible you may ask? Well, because we just KNEW it and there is no way that you can logically explain that to someone. But we didn't enter into our decision to marry lightly, we had our Heavenly Father's love and support & got the big "OK" from him too. So there you have it. Three years later we are still VERY MUCH in love & have had two very BEAUTIFUL children join our family. Skyler Andrew & Emma Madison. We are now a happy family of four.

This is our little boy Skyler Andrew. He is 2 years old & the most adorable little boy. Today we were happy to have him repeat the letter "B" to us. It's been a long road to get him to talk but he's doing more & more all the time which makes mom & dad very happy. I'm happy to report that he is now doing his "S", "M", "H", & "B"s. He is also getting better at his saying "GO" partially because he gets a tickle every time he says it & Skyler loves to be tickled. He has made a lot of progress lately & we are so very proud of him. Skyler is a delight to be around, he is very loving & is into everything now a days... Mr Curiosity. But it's wonderful to see his little mind at work & how he is trying to figure this world out. He loves to empty out his toy box all over the house & then go galloping around & talk his Skyler talk or he will squeal with laughter over something that only he finds amusing. Oh how we love this little boy.

This is our beautiful daughter Emma Madison. She just turned 5 months old. She is so smart and she is growing up so fast. This little smarty pants has learned that if mom or dad leaves the room for a second (even if we're both in the same room) all she has to do is whine/cry and we'll be right back or come pick her up. Silly baby. Emma just cut her first TWO baby teeth this last week. Two teeth in two days. Mom & Dad are so proud of her. Emma has also discovered her voice & she LOVES to use it. I never realized how high pitched little girls could be. Holy Cow. But she sure is cute smiling & squealing, & cooing all day long. She is starting to get the hang of rolling over however she doesn't like to be on her tummy so it's still a work in progress. She has also discovered that she has toes & will grab at them whenever she is laying on her back. I haven't ever been the type of person to play with dolls or do dress up or anything but I sure do LOVE dressing up my beautiful little baby girl. Live action dolls are better anyway.

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